Center for Spiritual Imagination

Who We Are

© Matt Veligdan

The Center for Spiritual Imagination is a ministry of the Community of the Incarnation, which prays, lives and serves at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, the Mother Church of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, serving Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. Deeply rooted in the church, our Episcopal Visitor is the Bishop of Long Island.

The Community of the Incarnation is a new monastic community which embodies and teaches engaged contemplative spirituality in response to what Father Bede Griffiths called “the universal call to contemplation.” We affirm that intimacy with God does not belong to a special group of religious professionals but is available to all. Our practice democratizes the gifts of monastic spirituality and translates them into a form that can be lived in everyday life.

The Center's radical hospitality offers pathways for anyone to enter safely into the Spirit. This invitation reminds us that we are both unique and interconnected. May the Center reach all who long to respond to such a call.”

– Mirabai Bush founder/senior fellow of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

© Joe Pellicone