Vowed Way of Belonging

The vowed way begins with a candidacy period. Once a candidate has participated for three months, they are invited to apply for postulancy, and then finally they are eligible for the novitiate, a 3-year formation program. Details on all phases of the Vowed Way of Belonging can be found in this guide.


You can also send questions to info@spiritualimagination.org.


The first step of discernment is called candidacy. Candidates fill out a simple application declaring their interest in joining our community. After they submit their application, they spend at least three months completing all components of the Candidacy Phase. During this time, candidates will discern if our prayer method, teachings, and other practices resonate with their sense of call to a committed spiritual life of engaged contemplative prayer. If candidates find that they want to explore these practices in the context of community, they are invited to apply to the postulancy.

Candidacy Phase components:

Application for Candidacy Phase for 2023-2024:


Those who have completed all candidacy components and have spent at least three months in the candidacy phase are welcome to apply for postulancy. Applications will open on March 1, 2024 and close on April 1, 2024. During the postulancy phase, postulants will have an opportunity to spend time with vowed members of the Community of the Incarnation as well as other postulants. This is a time to discern whether you are ready to commit to this particular group of people at this particular time. You will also spend some time exploring aspects of our Rule of Life, trying on different practices, and seeing how they resonate with you. At the end of this two month period, we will mutually discern if you are called to be with this Community and are ready to commit to a deepening study of our Rule of Life and charisms. If so, you will be invited to apply to the Novitiate.

Postulancy Phase components:

  • Attendance and participation at our Saturday May intensive

  • Seven weekly small group meetings with other postulants

  • Continued practice of the Incarnation Method of Prayer

  • Exploration of our Rule of Life with our Community Mentors

Application Requirements:

  • Submit letter detailing why you feel called to this particular community and way of life

  • Written reflection on your experience with the Incarnation Method of Prayer and the other events you have attended

  • Written version of your spiritual autobiography

  • Interview with a community member and one of our co-founders

Novitiate with Seasonal Vows and Final Profession

  • 3 year-long process

  • Weekly online small groups

  • Monthly online formation intensives

  • Biannual in-person retreats with the Community

Application Requirements:

  • Completion of Candidacy and Postulancy Phase

  • Letter reflecting on the Postulancy Phase and why you feel called to this particular community

  • Written reflection on our Rule of Life and why you feel called to integrate it into your life and in the context of community

  • Commitment to our Novitiate attendance policy

See full details of the Novitiate formation program here.

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