Our Community

© Joe Pellicone

The Center for Spiritual Imagination exists to deepen and enrich human relationships with God, self and neighbor in new and ancient ways.

Our work is rooted in a spiritual ecology that has an ancient rhythm, is committed to nurturing community and is focused on doing justice in the world. We are engaging practices that help us embrace our full humanity and express the love of God by living justly.

Our practice exists at the margins of the church (or at its heart) where communion with God and each other eclipses religious affiliations — where the spiritual needs of seekers, doubters and religious practitioners converge.

Our experiences, programs and services are open to all. We acknowledge particularly the gifts present in those who identify as Spiritual But Not Religious: a dynamic segment of the human community open to practices at the depths of the Christian tradition who often find official aspects of religion averse to spiritual growth. In an age marked by the institutional decline of Christianity in America, we are reimagining how the church will gather and grow now and in the future.

The Center for Spiritual Imagination is operated by the Community of the Incarnation. Click here to learn more about what we do.

The Center's radical hospitality offers pathways for anyone to enter safely into the Spirit. This invitation reminds us that we are both unique and interconnected. May the Center reach all who long to respond to such a call.”

– Mirabai Bush founder/senior fellow of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

© Joe Pellicone