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Two volunteers loading up a car with supplies of food

Responses to the Covid Crisis


Operation Feed the Front

The current pandemic continues to reveal systemic injustices in society. Responding to neighbors in need is at the core of our commitment to engaged contemplation. Our community has been coordinating support for essential workers and communities with food insecurity since the early weeks of the Coronavirus Pandemic in New York. Our response, called Operation Feed the Front, began by serving healthcare workers on the frontlines in hospitals, especially those serving low-income communities.

After the spring COVID surge abated in New York, we shifted from serving hospitals to distributing as many as 600 meals a week to those facing hunger because of homelessness, loss of income, or simple bad luck. The program continues to evolve as we respond to the changing economic effects of the pandemic, which experts remind us will be with us for decades to come.

We are asking all of our contemplative friends to support this project. We are asking you to support us with prayers and/or a financial contribution that can help us continue to show up and provide nutritious meals to people who otherwise may have limited access to food. We’re asking you to support our young people who serve with us in this project. This is not only a time to pray on our meditation cushions but also a time to pray with our feet and hands and wallets.

How to get involved:

Pray for Feed the Front

Pray for this project and for those we serve who are facing food insecurity.

Donate to Feed the Front

You can donate online at the Center for Spiritual Imagination’s website by selecting the fund “Operation Feed the Front”. You can make a one-time donation or commit to a recurring donation. You can also donate by mailing a check to the Center for Spiritual Imagination, c/o Kris Vieira, 36 Cathedral Ave, Garden City, NY 15530. Please write “Feed the Front” in the memo of the check.

Read more about the creation of Operation Feed the Front on our Medium page.

NYC Covid Care Network

Members of our community are volunteering as part of spiritual support teams with the NYC Covid Care Network. This work consists of one-on-one pastoral support for essential workers and others who are distressed by life in the current circumstances caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. To learn more about the Network click here www.nyccovidcare.org

Upcoming Events:

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Collage showing student protests and volunteer gatherings

Meditation And Justice For College Students


Meditation and Justice seeks to cultivate a new method of spiritual engagement with young adults on the campus of Adelphi University. Our methodology re-imagines the Christian contemplative tradition and connects it to the spiritual needs of students. We focus specifically on those who don’t identify with any religious tradition. We teach courses, curate campus-wide public events, cultivate spaces of contemplative practice and heartful conversation, offer one-on-one mentoring and spiritual direction and invite students to participate in service opportunities that allow them to live their newly discovered spiritual values in the context of “hearing the cry of the poor and cry of the earth” (Leonardo Boff).

Meditation and Justice seeks to be a space and a community where students are encouraged to:

  • Name all the places in their lives where they are already experiencing the sacred;

  • Voice their longings for a life that matters;

  • Sit with anxieties associated with the social and ecological instabilities of our times;

  • Receive spiritual tools from the Christian contemplative tradition; and

  • Develop a committed response to issues of justice including serving each week in our food distribution program that feeds 200+ neighbors in need.

Upcoming Events:

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The Center is a space of calm and courage, a community rising to meet the challenges of our global crisis with vast generosity--embodying the unconditional mercy and justice Christ represents, without ever asking its members or those they so joyfully serve to adhere to any particular belief system. ”

– Mirabai Starr, author of Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce and Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics